First Thursday

December 1, 2011

Here in Boise there is an art tour through the streets called First Thursday as it occurs every first Thursday of a month.  While I’m not certain how many people know of it, I only know about it due to an art class I had to take as part of my college education, it brings many different people together to an area of town and therefore is a great place to pass on any fillers and movement information one might have to the general public.  I headed down to Occupy Boise to pass on some information I’d come across due to StormCloudsGathering in the form of one of his videos (and you can find out more via the links attached to that last link) and ended up tagging along with a group heading down to pass out fillers promoting their encampment.  I was there with at the Boise Centre to point out that there was apparently a House Republican Victory Fund thing going on that wasn’t on the Boise Centre calendar.  I was there when we we got kicked out before verifying whether the private party mentioned was the Victory Fund people.  I was there when we went through some of the banks that were showing off art and they handed out fillers there.

To the Occupiers in Boise who protested the Zions Bank take over of the Hole, did you know that they are only leasing three floors of the building (if it gets built), but the real owners will be the Gardener Group?  Those outside Occupy Boise, the ones here protested Zions Bank for lobbying to build at the Hole (literally a hole in the middle of downtown Boise that has gone through so many owners who were bankrupted by that money sinkhole.  It’s within two blocks of City Hall and four blocks of the Capitol) using taxpayer’s dollars.  The building that’s being built does look nice in drawings and as an ice sculpture mind you.

And I learned that I need to be unbiased on how I approach the movement.  You see, a couple nights ago I got wind of something that is considered illegal, but only because the substance is illegal for people of a certain age, that could possibly damage the positive image that Occupy Boise more or less has.  At the encampment one of the rules is that their encampment be a sober one and some of those occupying leave the grounds to drink and end up helping those under the age get access to alcohol.  While I have no problem with people drinking, I did have one considering that if it were found out it would paint the whole group in a negative light and while I’m not technically apart of the group, there are plenty of great people down there I didn’t want to see hurt in the possible backlash.  So I didn’t say a word about it until I talked with one of the people involved I felt I could raise the concern to.  He asked that I not hide the what warts and blemishes there might be, only that I not name names outside the group when I found something.

All in all though, I thought the night went well.

Ross Givens


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